Student Advisers

Handling of Academic Grievances:    The Department has a senior academic staff as the welfare officer.  Each student has an academic staff as an adviser.   Students have direct access to each of the Departmental staff and the Head of Department apart from the University’s Dean of Students’ Affairs.  Student’s grievances can thus be sorted out directly with individual staff.  However, in the event of an unsatisfactory attention students can take their grievances to the Head of Department who has a responsibility to take up the matter or discuss it at the Departmental meeting.  Should the need arise he may refer the matter to the Dean or the Faculty Board which may also make reference to Senate, in case of a purely academic matter or to the Dean of students’ Affairs in case of other matters.

    • Student Academic Advising:    Apart from the open channel of communication between students and staff and the HOD, each student is allocated to an academic staff for academic counseling.  A list of academic advisor/advises is normally published in the Department each session.