History- Department of Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering

Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering started at the Ahmadu Bello University through the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR). The Institute has existed for almost seventy years having started in 1922 as department of agriculture in the then Northern Province. With establishment of Ahmadu Bello University in 1962, the Institute was transferred to the new university and has since operated under its administrative umbrella even though it is funded separately by Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
The department was initially a section in the department of Agricultural Economics and later a section in the department of Agronomy and finally it became a full fledged department in 1974/75 session under Faculty of Agriculture. Its affiliate to faculty of Agriculture was shifted to the Faculty of Engineering in 1976 to ensure greater interaction with other engineering disciplines and acceptability by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering Practice in Nigeria (COREN). Thus the department is one of the academic in IAR and Faculty of Engineering. The research activities of the department are conducted through the Agricultural Mechanization Programmes and the Irrigation research Programme of the IAR depending upon the project.
Many other traditional areas of agricultural engineering, such as soil and water, postharvest and value-added processing and structures and environmental engineering have made remarkable impacts to agricultural production in Northern Nigeria. The department is transforming in to a future bio-based engineering and technology mindset. To build on the past successes, the department has made a strategic decision to adopt a new approach in it vision by a new name of ‘Agricultural and Bio-resource Engineering