Departmental Library

Location:- First Floor Agrictural Engineering Department

Capacity:- The library can accomodate 30 students at a time

Usage:- Reading, Writing, Research of information and Browse

(i) Nigerian Journal of Engineering.
(ii) Nigerian Journal of Engineering Science & Technology Reseach.
(iii) Journal of Research in Engineering.
(iv) Internation Research Journal in Engineering Science & Technology.
(v) Savanna Journal of Agric. Mechanization.
(vi) Mobilizing Reginal Diversity for Pearl Millet & Sorglium Intensification in West Africa etc

(i) Soil & Water Conservation Engineering, by R. Suresh.
(ii) Farm Management & Agricultural Marketing by S.C Panda.
(iii) Farm Tractor Maintenance & Repair by S.C Jain/C.R Rai.
(iv)Principles of Hydrology by R.C Ward/M. Robinson
(v) Irrigation Water Power & Water Resources Engineering by K.R Arora
(vi) Biotechnology Explorations Appling the Fundamental.
(vii) The Theory of Mechanisms & Machine by S. Purobit.
(viii)Irrigation Engineering by R.K Sharma/T.K Sharma.
(ix) Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Engineering by Dr. D.S Kumar.
(x) Dryland Farming by J.K.J Rowland.
(xi) Water Wells & Pumb by M.K Sondhi.
(xii) Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Hydraulic
(xiii) Fluid Mechanics
(xiv) Strength of Material
(xv) Engineering Thermodynamics etc.

Project and Thesis:-
All copies of B.Eng, MSc. and PhD. Projects, Thesis and dissertation as of all graduates of the department to date are available.
Some MSc. Thesis:- (i) Development & Evaluation of a single-pass Vegetable Mill by A.O Lawal.
(ii) Development & Permance Evaluation of a Once-over Tillage Machinery by D.D Yusuf etc.

Some Ph.D Thesis:-
(i) Development & Application of Agency Farmer Joint Irrigation Management Approach in Hadejia Valley Irrigation Project, Nigeria by A.S Zubair.
(ii) Application of a Water Distribution Model to the Secondary Irrigation System: A Case Study of Kano River Irrigation Project by O.M Khalid
(iii) Impact of Weeds & Sedimentation on the Hydraulic Behaviour of Irrigation Main Canal System by O.M.Y Abubakar etc