The Course Structure

Categories of Course:

The courses within the Faculty fall under the following heading:
  • Core Courses: are central to the to degree programme in view. Are normally offered by the Department offering the course and constitute not less than 60% (i.e 90 credit units) of all the course unit that the student must take to complete the requirements for a degree in a given Department.
  • Cognate Courses are prescribed course unit from related fields offered by serviceDepartments, which are essential for understading and appreciation of the student's major field. A student must pass all his Cognate Courses to be eligible for graduation
  • General Courses: are courses offered by the University to all students offered admission irrespective of degree program been pursued. A student must pass all his general Courses to be eligible for graduation
  • Restricted Electives: Are a set of courses from which a student is made to select one or more as the case may be. These courses may be from within or outside the Department but a student must pass th minimum required number of retricted elective courses to be eligible for graduation.
  • Unrestricted Electives:Are courses which are opted for by the student in accordance with his or her own interest. Are normally offered from outside the Faculty. The status of the unrestricted elective courses taken by a student shall be determined by the Faculty. Constitute about 5% (i.e 8 credit units) of allthe credit units of the required course units for the degree in view.
  • Pre-requisite Course: are courses that must be passed before a student can offer a higher level course.

List of Courses Offered

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